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Shikha Gupta

Hi, I'm Shikha, working as a Content Curator for the past 4 years. On DailyDigitalNews you can learn about Business, Digital Marketing, Sports, and much more from my writings. Moreover, I am also a bookworm and spend most of my free time reading.
  • Health and Fitness

    Waklert Can Help You Stay Awake and Focused Throughout the Day

    The primary use of Waklert is to treat sleep disorders by keeping people awake. The drug is also used off-label as a smart drug or cognitive enhancer. The main active ingredient in Waklert is armodafinil, a modified form of Modafinil. The difference between the two is that Waklert is twice as strong. Waklert’s Advantages The benefits of Waklert last from…

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  • Businesswhite-golden-black-diamond-beads

    Which Is The Best Diamond Beads: Black, Golden Or White

    Who would say no to get their hands on gemstone? Not only are they beautiful and add to the glam, but they have become quite accessible as well. There was a time when only nobility or highly influential people in society could buy precious gemstones. Not anymore. Now anyone can search for gemstone or semi precious beads online and have them delivered,…

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  • Foods

    Food (Diet) For Blood Sugar Control and High Blood Pressure or BP

    The combination of high blood pressure and diabetes is a dangerous pairing that can put your health at risk in many ways. There is no doubt that more than half of people diagnosed with diabetes have high blood pressure. That means that having diabetes puts you at even greater risk and is the most common risk factor for heart disease,…

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  • Health and FitnessBreast

    Yoga for Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer

    Many women with metastatic breast cancer (MBC, also called stage 4 breast cancer) ) practice yoga. Gentle yoga routines and relaxing yoga may reduce the risk of certain cancers, including metastatic, or stage IV, breast cancer, according to the National Cancer Institute. It has also been shown to have a positive effect in reducing levels that are associated with the development…

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  • Businesskids rakhi wholesaler

    Easy Ways to Buy Beautiful Wholesale Rakhi Online From Parag Rakhi

    Online businesses are growing immensely in India, just like in western countries. It has made the life of people super easy and convenient. It has been observed that every other customer of all age groups is shopping online and believes there is no better way of shopping. Moreover, not just for window shoppers, the presence of the wholesalers online has…

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  • Businessinorganic fertilizer

    What are the challenges faced by the fertilizer industry in 2022?

    The last couple of years have been hard for every industry globally. No segment has been left untouched because of the pandemic and its long-lasting impact on our society. And the agriculture sector is not different in such regards as well. And sadly, 2022 is not going to be any different for the agriculture sector, especially for fertilizer – both…

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  • Business

    When selecting an MSP provider, consider these factors

    When choosing a managed IT provider, look for and avoid these things Businesses, organizations, and their MSP teams continue to face increasing demands as technology and innovation advance. As a result of this tragedy and working from home, the need for digital adoption has increased dramatically over the last few years. IT teams have been under great pressure because of…

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  • Education

    5G Ultra Wideband – The new life Off-the-office & the Future of work

    A report says that telecommuters have been more willing to hire freelancers – and most hiring managers (71%) agree. It’s here to stay: remote work No children are living with the Jennings. Telecommuting is inevitable. In a recent FlexJobs survey, 97 percent of employees prefer remote work after a stroke, and 58 percent are comfortable working full-time. Increasingly, employers are…

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  • Digital MarketingSEO Article Writing

    Businesspally allude Rules for SEO Article Writing

    Even in 2022, many do not know how to write really good SEO articles that are not only loved by search engines, but also by users and thus make a decisive contribution to achieving corporate goals. So how do you go about ranking at the top for individual search terms and how important are keywords really? It doesn’t matter whether…

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  • Businesscustomized t-shirts

    Business Growth Strategies: Grow Brand Name with Promotional T-Shirts

    Have you ever thought about how you can gain more popularity in business? T-shirt marketing has become an effective strategy to get your brand noticed in the modern business world. Spreading awareness about your brand among the masses is not a complicated affair if you are using a custom business t-shirt. T-shirts are no longer a comfortable clothing option. People use…

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