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Social networking is an opportunity for most businesses if they want to promote their brand image, products, and services to potential customers. To effectively use and turn social networks into business “weapons”, businesses should have appropriate analysis and selection. In the process of using, be a smart business in approaching users, optimizing campaigns, and taking care of customers in their experience journey. Here are some ways to advertise for free via social networks you should refer to.

Why should businesses advertise on social networks?

What is Social Networking

Today, social networking is no longer a strange concept, especially for young people and those living in big cities. A social network is a place where the user community can update information from many Fanpages, groups, friends … and share personal status with those who are connected. Or more simply, a social network is a place to connect the community, share, experience, and interact with each other through features such as video/audio calls, chat, comments, etc. 

Social networks are used a lot in many countries around the world and have become one of the sources of people’s information besides online newspapers, browser systems… 

Why should businesses advertise on social networks?

With an extremely large number of users on social networking sites such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook … this will be a lucrative “bait” for businesses. Because the target customer groups of many businesses today all use social networks, the frequency of use and time spent online on social networking sites account for a high percentage. Therefore, businesses that want to attract potential customers and promote brand images should not ignore the way of advertising on social networks. Businesses have launched product promotion campaigns, launched discount programs, discount codes, coupons to attract customers.

Types of advertising on social networks 


Facebook is ranked as one of the largest and most used social networks on the planet today. With the criteria of community cohesion, Facebook always strives to develop and improve its platform every day so that the Facebook user community has the best possible experience. In addition, this platform also creates opportunities for businesses to reach many potential users by creating an advertiser system that allows businesses to promote their brand image to potential customers under multiple channels. different forms and formats.

Over time, one of the problems between Facebook users and the aforementioned business advertisers has been the situation of “supply is more than demand” or “supply is not right for the right audience” … making individual users feel cheated. When surfing Facebook, it leads to reporting the quality of advertising articles, and businesses running ads will be affected such as Facebook locking advertising accounts or Fanpage pages being restricted from using advertising features … 

Readers can refer to the content that is prohibited or restricted by Facebook as well as the content standards that Facebook has set forth and that businesses or advertisers must follow if they want to continue using Facebook’s services at Facebook advertising policy


Instagram is a visual social media platform. It favors high-quality images and video content.

  • This network has about 500 million daily active users.
  • 62.7% of the network’s global audience is between the ages of 18-34.
  • 70% of shopaholics say they use apps to discover products.

Considering those realities, Instagram can be very profitable for B2C businesses (82% of B2C marketers already use it).

Instagram recently redesigned its mobile app to focus on shopping. It makes it easier to advertise and sell products without the customer navigating to the store website. 

Additionally, Instagram is beneficial for eCommerce businesses as a means of serving customers. You can ask your followers directly to text questions; Or comment on your post; You can even post a video tutorial explaining how your product works….

If you are an eCommerce business that can create high-quality visual content to attract customers, then Instagram is an option worth considering.


Linkedin is known as a famous social network with quality content used by many users around the world. Similar to Facebook and Instagram, Linkedin is also a place for individual users to share and update information, as well as a smart choice channel for many businesses that want to bring brand images or convey messages to customers. potential. 

According to reports through advertising campaigns that have been run on the Linkedin platform, regardless of the effectiveness or quality of the registered leads that the ads bring, the bidding cost for Linkedin ads is usually slightly higher than that of the two platforms. Facebook and Instagram.

Because of that, many businesses when starting to use LinkedIn to advertise will often be a little impatient because they see that the advertising price is not as low as usual compared to other social networks and they will stop using it. use anymore. However, to evaluate whether Linkedin ads are effective for businesses or not, it takes a long enough time and a suitable budget to test. 

Which social network should businesses choose to advertise on?

Many businesses wonder which social network to run ads on. The choice of running channel will depend on many factors to be analyzed, such as:

  • Advertising objective
  • Business lines and sectors of the enterprise
  • Market and area to run ads
  • Target audience to target
  • Online behavior of target customers
  • Campaign budget and duration
  • … 

The above information can be found in free reports of market research companies, buy in-depth reports or conduct market surveys… 

After fully analyzing the necessary information, businesses will have a plan to choose the appropriate social networking platform, then come up with discount strategies, give discount codes, coupons to attract customers. 


Above is an article that introduces and fully summarizes the advertising forms of 3 major social networks that are widely used today around the world. Hopefully, businesses can apply appropriate business practices in the present and develop in the future.

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