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How to Find the Quality of Marble Used in God Idols?

Marble idols have been the most popular choice for people since ancient times. Marble is considered auspicious and the purest material that is being used in the making of Hindu god idols. From the most famous building to the Hindu god idol, marble material is used almost everywhere these days. Not just a decorative construction material, marble is always the prime choice for making god idols. 

Why is Marble used in the Making of God Idol? 

When it comes to making marble god idols, people look further and choose the purest stone for it. There are many reasons why people go for marble when buying god statues.

Let’s have a look at some below: 

• Marble is the most appealing material with a smooth texture and gives a glow when lit.
• Marble is softer than other materials
• Marble can undergo high polishing.
• Marble offers another dimension of richness.

Now, you know why you should buy white marble ganesh statues. Then, you might need a guide to understand how you can find the best quality marble used in god idols. Read on to know how you can find the high-quality marble used in god idols. 

Consider the Color

You should consider the color if it is about choosing marble. Whether you want to buy an outdoor marble temple or god idols, make sure to consider the color. You can count on the marble statue that has an appealing color. The vibrant and shiny marble is the most preferred choice, whether it is for interior decoration or god idols. Make sure to pay close attention to the color of the marble statue. It will surely help you find a high-quality product. 

Finely Carved Designs 

When it comes to determining the quality of the marble god idols, you should pay attention to details and designs. The design should be finely carved and can instantly enhance the look of the home temple. Whenever you buy a marble god idol, you should look for one carved finely. Moreover, don’t forget to look for a marble easily graved. 

Cut and Clarity of the Stone

Picking up the suitable stone for making a god idol is indeed a tiresome job until you know how to make the right choice. The cut and clarity of the stone should be considered carefully when buying marble idols of Hindu gods. Whether you are buying a radha krishna marble statue or an idol of any other god, you should make sure that the cut and clarity of the stone are essential.

Decorative and Aesthetically Appealing

The marble statues are not just meant for worshipping only. People use them for decoration purposes. If you are looking for decorative and aesthetically appealing marble statues, you should only go with marble. Marble idols look aesthetically appealing and ideal for decoration purposes as well. When you are looking for marble idols, and your purpose is to use them as a decorative piece, you should go with marble only, as it enhances the look and feel of your home.

Test It Personally

Testing the marble statues in person is the easiest way to ensure that you are using the best marble. You should touch and feel the texture of the marble stone used to make marble god idols. You can test the marble in person and ensure that you are buying the best quality marble parshwanath statue.


When it comes to finding the best quality marble used in making god idols, you should keep the things mentioned above in mind. At Marble Artifacts, you will indeed find the best quality marble statues. Many options are conveniently available when buying marble god statues from Marble Artifacts. Moreover, you can sit relaxed that all the idols and marble sculptures are of the finest quality. 

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